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Timmy / Honey litter born 17 Jun 2010

Sire:  CKCSC & AKC Ch. Sanickro Enchanter (blenheim)
Dam:  Kilbrook Honeysuckle (blenheim)

Dad to this litter is 12 years old and still heart clear!
Mom is 7 years old and also still heart clear!

3 weeks old
these puppies are all spoken for

The Girl

Timmy Honey 10 litter girl hd 3 wks   Timmy Honey 10 litter girl body 3 wks

The Boys

Timmy Honey boy 1 body 3 wks   Timmy Honey boy 1 hd 3 wks

Timmy Honey boy 2 hd 3 wks   Timmy Honey boy 2 body 3 wks


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