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KC / Fiona Litter born 14 July 2009

Litter born 14 JUL 2009
Sire:  Roycroft Linanthus (blenheim)
Dam:  Roycroft Simply Delightful (ruby)

8 weeks old - 1 ruby boy, 2 blenheim boys

 KC Fiona 3 boys

RUBY BOY (this boy has gone to a show home)
   Also shown above in group shot in middle

fiona ruby boy show side 8 wks 1   fiona ruby boy show side 8 wks 2


also in group picture above on far right

fiona bl boy 1 show side at 8 wks   Fiona bl boy 1 off side 8 wks


also in group picture above on far left  


fiona bl boys both casual sitting 8 wks fiona bl boy 1 sitting casual 8 wks

Two blenheim boys
Left picture--blenheim boy #2 on left, #1 on right yawning
Right picture--blenheim boy #1 sitting casually

fiona ruby boy casually laying in grass   fiona bl boy 1 casual head shot 8 wks



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