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KC / BINDI litter born 11 Nov 2009

Sire:  Roycroft Linanthus (blenheim)
Dam:  Roycroft Simply Classy (blenheim)

3 blenheim boys, 2 blenheim girls
All are spoken for at this point in time

The boys - Body shots at 9+ weeks


KC Bindi Nov 2009 litter boy 1 body 9 wks  KC Bindi Nov 2009 litter boy 2 body 9 wks  KC Bindi Nov 2009 litter boy 3 body 9 wks

The girls

KC Bindi girl 1 show 9 wks  KC Bindi girl 2 show 9 wks

KC Bindi girl 1 hd 9 wks  KC Bindi litter 9 wks hds all but girl 1

KC Bindi hds 9 wks girl 2 boys 1 and 2




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