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  Jaime sitting at 2 years     Jaime front standing dec 2014     Jaime standing 1 dec 2014
Jaime at 2 years

Entered Jaime in her very first AKC show, December 13, 2014.
She went Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite for a 4 point major!
What a start!  Thank you Dr. Steve Keating!
Unfortunately I had to work the other 3 days...
Further showing will have to wait.

Jaime at 2 standing

Jaime 8 weeks sitting
Jaime at 8 weeks

Jaime standing 8 weeks     Jaime another sitting pic
Jaime at 8 weeks

DOB 18 JAN 2012
Click Herefor OFA Listing

Jaime just cleared her heart and eyes  at nearly 3 years of age.
Patellas and hips to be done soon.

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COI 2.7% 10 generations
COI 14.9% 20 generations

Roycroft Spicy Delight pedigree 2015


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