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Roycroft Frosty Paws

Dear Laura, 

Over 11 years ago, at the Canfield Fairgrounds, we met you and Roycroft Frosty Paws.  From the first moment we met him, we fell in love and have been in love ever since.  Charlie, as we called him, was the most beautiful, loving, sweet little boy we could ever have imagined.  Two months ago, Charlie was diagnosed with what appeared to be Cushing's Disease.  After a sonogram found a tumor on the liver as well as on the adrenal gland, we were advised to operate on him with the hope of a cure.  Unfortunately, when the surgeon started the operation, he discovered that there were widespread tumors throughout the liver.  He wanted us to put Charlie down right then, so as to protect him from what would be imminent suffering.  Of course, we did that and went to say our goodbyes after he was gone.

To say that we are heartbroken is not even close to how we are feeling.  His presence in our home, his companionship, his beautiful face and silky fur, his sweet disposition, lifted our spirits and souls and our lives will never be the same without our beloved Charlie.

I wanted to write to you to thank you for the gift you gave to us so many years ago.   Everyone says that we should get another dog as soon as we can.  We would only want another Cavalier and one that you have bred.  We would even consider a little older dog who needs a loving home.  I don't think that I could ever have another tri-color, because to me, Charlie was the most beautiful tri-color.

I am sure that you receive many letters from Cavalier owners who want to tell you what you have done to enrich their lives.  Please count us in as a family that so deeply loved their little Charlie, that our lives are not the same without him.

Please keep in touch.    Arlene and Richard Weisman





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