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Where the Roycroft Family Lives



The main dog yard (to come--I've moved!)



Roycroft feeding time!
Main dog room where dogs are crated at night or when no one is home.

Main dog room at feeding time


Area where puppies begin.  Both crates have a doggie door that goes
directly outside to a small outdoor run shown to right.
When puppies are 5 weeks old this door is opened and puppies learn to potty outside.
They learn VERY quickly and by 6 weeks they have it down!
Roycroft puppies have almost no recollection of having potty'd in their crate
by the time they are 8 weeks old.

puppy area in laundry room     roycroft puppy yard


Roycroft dogs are free to roam the house whenever someone is at home.
Left--a couple of boarders sitting on my table!  Right--a puppy pile in the living room.
And yes, these puppies are very nearly housebroken! home.

Kipper Trio on table     puppy pile




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