KC sitting June 2010

KC sitting June 2010 looking up

KC standing Nov 2009

Don't laugh!  KC was tied to a pretty girl in the picture below but he looked so nice I took a picture of him!

KC standing jun 2010

KC is my younger boy.  His ears were constantly chewed by another of my dogs and she was finally
re-homed.  His ears have been slowly growing back in and he is now ready to be shown. 
He is a truly gorgeous boy as you can see!

I plan to debut KC in the AKC ring in July and CKCSC ring in October.  Look for him!

DOB 23 FEB 2007
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He is also Preliminary OFA Fair on hips

Update on KC:  He unfortunately followed my son out to his car and my son never noticed.
He went back inside leaving KC outside and tragedy happened--he was hit by a car.
My best Cavalier ever and the only one I've ever had hit by a car.  My heart was broken.
Luckily his last litter was on the way and born 3 weeks later, 5 boys and 1 girl!  Thank you to Debbie
Belliveau for letting me take his son, Sammy.  My heart is slowly healing.

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