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Thank you for completing this Buyer Questionnaire.  Once you have finished please click Submit. 
If it does not Submit, please cut and paste and email to me.  All puppies and adults presently or
soon to be available are listed on my website under Puppies.  If you are interested in any of them,
please email me to get more information.  Please note that I have been involved in the breed club
since 1976.  I do breed for show but most of my puppies are sold as pets.  I breed to the highest
health standards and all parents are FULLY tested--hips, eyes, hearts (annually by cardiologist or
echo) and patellas.  Roycroft test results CAN be found on the OFA website at  Some
parents have also been MRId and I will be doing more soon.  Many of my parents have generations
of tested dogs behind them.  Just look at the pedigrees on each page and look for any ancestor on
the OFA site.  All pups are AKC and CKCSC registered--NO ACA, SKC, CKC or ABPR bogus/puppymill
registries found here.  The price of my pet puppies is $2000 and down--an excellent price for a very
responsibly bred puppy in this area (they tend to be more in the Northeast/West).  If you are
looking for a cheaper puppy that is irresponsibly bred from a breeder who does not show or test
(please remember to ask for PROOF that parents have been health tested!), and whose breeding
stock came from a puppy mill background, you will not find it here.  Note that responsible breeders
do NOT allow their pets to be bred so if a breeder is breeding and not showing--it is HIGHLY likely
their breeding stock had to have a puppy mill type background.  I do all I can in hopes that most of
my puppies will live decently healthy lives spanning 11-14 years.  I truly care about my dogs and YOU!


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