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Taking healthy care of our yard and garden is good for adult health and even better for children and small pets.  I will begin with healthier alternatives for yard care and then go into healthier alternatives for home gardening.

The following is a good site to start with so far as yard and gardening goes.
Planet Natural   It has a page on Gardening, Natural Pest Control and Indoor Growing.

Something I feel important is a way to incorporate growing some items at home.  Leafy greens are easy to grow inside as well as outside in a cold box--even in colder climates.  Many items can be found on the above site to help you grow leafy greens inside.  They grow very quickly.  If you have space for 4 boxes they can be on a weekly cycle.  Start a new one every week and when you finish one, re-plant and start the next box.   I suggest either buying only organic leafy greens or growing yourself.  I feel this is one of the most important vegetables to stay with organic only due to the nature of the leaf and how hard it is the clean it well.

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