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This section will explore how to re-think what type of vehicle you really need and how to go about finding the most economical one for your needs.  It will not go over alternative modes of transportation such as bicycles, walking, and public transportation.  We all know these modes of transportation are available--and usually cheaper--but they are not practical for most of us.  The majority of people either live too far from work, or live in climates that are not suitable for walking and/or bicycles, or need to transport multiple humans and pets.  If you need to present an image at your job, walking in sweaty and needing a shower before getting down to work is not an alternative for most.  If you have children or pets, public transportation is often not practical either.  If either has to be picked up quickly due to illness or other, you cannot do that with public transportation.   This will focus almost solely on enclosed motor vehicles and how to choose the most economical one for you.

There will be no section on MADE IN USA car/SUV models.  Nearly all are global efforts.

A good place to start is Ebay--believe it or not!  They have a wonderful section called Green Driving where you can explore all kinds of vehicles available to us now and compare them to each other.

Here are a few good sites on choosing the most economical vehicles overall:
Top 10 Most Economical Cars
Most Affordable Fuel Efficient Cars

And a few sites on the most fuel efficient vehicles:
10 Most Fuel Efficient Cars
2014s Most Fuel Efficient Cars by Class
Best/Worst Fuel Economy


Absolutely MUST have an SUV?  Here are some sites on the most fuel efficient SUVs:
Top 10 Fuel Efficient SUVs
Most Fuel Efficient Cars/Suvs 2014
Most Fuel Efficient Cars/Suvs 2015


Here is a site to read up on Toyota's new fuel cell vehicle.

More will be added over time.




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