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Let's find safer products to use to take care of oneself.  This section will help with finding alternatives to body and hair cleansers and shampoos, conditioners and soaps, other types of body care, along with makeup and fragrances.  As more research is done, I will label those MADE IN USA, although I cannot be sure where ingredients come from.

Here are some good general sites explaining WHY to use organic:
Organic Shampoo Store

Good sites to explore different organic shampoos and conditioners available:
Organic Shampoo and Conditioner Slideshow
Best Natural and Organic Hair and Shampoos
Best Organic Shampoos

Shampoo Tree

And homemade:
Homemade Shampoo and Conditioner Recipes

Next some great sites to explore body washes and soaps:
Clean Your Act - Best All Natural Soaps
Pangea Organics, MADE IN Colorado, USA
Deep Steep, MADE IN USA
Dolpin Organics, MADE IN USA
Shea Terra Organics, MADE IN Virginia, USA
Best Organic Face Cleansers
Juice Beauty, MADE IN USA
Pure and True

There is a site to explore safer fragrances as well:
7 Amazing All Natural Phthalate Free Perfumes

Explore organic face masks here:
Organic Face Masks
Best Organic Face Masks
Homemade Face Masks 


Explore safer makeup here:
Juice Beauty, MADE IN USA
The Safest Makeup
Best Organic Makeup Brands

Physicians Formula Organic Line
Ecco Bella
Zuii Organic, Made in Australia
Afterglow Cosmetics, appears to be MADE IN USA

I am continuously surprised at how hard it is to find out which products are MADE IN USA and which are not.  I have labeled those that appear to be MADE IN USA but make no promises as to whether they are or not.  A few of them are clearly 'produced' in the USA, but don't state where the ingredients come from.  Hopefully things will change in the future.





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