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What are the reasons to clean with organic products?  After all, all products available have been tested and found to be safe.  Each one is done individually and of course they will be safe.  How many people use just one product in their home?  Most probably use more than 10 different cleaning products for their home, many more for their hair and bodies, use items to improve their yards, paint rooms--the list goes on and on.  What ends up happening is that we are using a multitude of items and each is safe in their own right, but all added together causes a big problem.  As much pollution as there is outside in larger cities, indoor pollution is now worse!  Less physical activity means less air exchange.  Poorer eating habits means our bodies are less able to handle toxins.  We are taking in more and more toxins, with less and less ability to naturally detoxify!  If you want to explore more of this, rent or purchase the video "The Gerson Miracle".  It has an entire section on toxins that are in our homes.  No, these toxins weren't always in our homes. Two things have happened over many decades.  Houses have become tighter and tighter which means toxins can no longer 'escape' and people love their air conditioning so do not open windows as they used to--again low air exchange leaving toxins inside the house.  The other is that companies have produced more and more toxic cleaning products--due to demand!  We all want products that really work!  Companies develop products that meet that demand.   There is little doubt that companies have been producing ever more toxic products over the years.  The 'green' push has started to change that, but most of the people I know actually avoid green products.  They want products that work and when I talk to the public, their idea is if it is safe, it won't work as well.  To some extent they are probably correct so there is a trade-off.   Over time 'green' products have become better as well so they have become more mainstream.  It is up to you to figure out what you can live with and what trade-offs you are willing to accept.

Here is a wonderful site that shows you how you can clean your house using just a few ingredients:


Here is a good company with less toxic quality products:   The Honest Company
They don't have a large selection at this time.  You can also find The Honest Company items at Target stores!

Looking for a some quality organic laundry detergents: 

Best Organic Laundry Detergents
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How about those that clean the best?

Best Cleaning Eco-Friendly Laundry Soaps, tested by moms

Looking for homemade?

Homemade Organic House Cleaning

How about those for people with sensitive skin?

10 Best Green Laundry Detergents for Sensitive Skin

General cleaners:

Top 10 Organic and Natural Household Cleaning Products


Floor cleaners:

Best Eco-Wood Floor Cleaners


Window cleaners:


Carpet cleaners:


Bathroom cleaners:

Best 10 Organic Store Bought Bathroom Cleaners

I will add more as I go along.





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