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Thoughts Before Planning
Converting a Basic Stock Plan
Cleaning Up
Healthy Eating
Self Care
Yard Care
Organic Gardening
Better Pet Care

Planning It-The Beginning
Planning It - The Lot
Planning It-The House Plans
Building It 1
Building It 2
Building It 3
Pricing It
The Result-Outside
The Result-Inside 1
The Result-Inside 2

The Eco Planning Guide section is full of thoughts and ideas on how to plan, build, live, clean, eat, do yard care, get places and take care of our pets in alternative ways that will possibly have less negative effect on each of us and our planet and hopefully leave our Earth in at least as good of shape as it was when we came into it.  After all most of what we do each and every day is done simply by force of habit.  It is hoped that one or more of these thoughts and ideas will inspire you to stop and think before doing and possibly change a long-standing habit into one that might be better.

The Our EcoHouse section is all about the planning, building and living in our own EcoHouse.  Our lot, our house plans, pictures of the entire construction of our house, pictures of the finished outside and inside, as well as the final pricing are included in this section.  Although we had never built a house before, we were able to get financing, design from scratch, subcontract and direct the building of our house quite successfully and ended up with a beautiful and ecologically smart house for about $70-$75 per square foot.

About October or November 2014 there will be links to my Ebay store where you may purchase many of the items listed on this site.  My store will contain only items MADE IN USA, with the exception of organic clothing.  I will attempt to stay with MADE IN USA items but there may be a few others made elsewhere.

We are always open to suggestions on how to improve this site and any new ideas others might come up with.  We would be very happy to link to your eco, green or sustainable website as well.  Just contact us if you would like to be added.  I am especially interested in websites of other ecohouses that have been built or older houses or mobile homes that have been converted.


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