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                                                                       Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

                                                                                                                         Est. 1976
ROYCROFT CAVALIERS      BREED INFORMATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Ch. Sanickro Magic Star 'Finley'      Sanickro Magic Star hd 1   Sanickro Magic Star standing 1   

Ch. Roycroft Top This 'Andy'     Roycroft Top This head   Roycroft Top This standing 1    

Ch. Roycroft Top Notch     Roycroft Top Notch hd 1   Roycroft Top Notch standing 1    

Ch. Roycroft Simply a Star 'Jack'     Roycroft Simply a Star hd 1   Roycroft Simply a Star standing 1

Ch. Roycroft Xactly Jackson, MX, AXJ 'Jackson'     Roycroft Xactly Jackson hd 1   Roycroft Xactly Jackson standing 1

Ch. Roycroft Trick or Treat     Roycroft Trick or Treat hd 1   Roycroft Trick or Treat standing 1

Ch. Roycroft Cabana Boy     Roycroft Cabana Boy hd 1   Roycroft Cabana Boy standing 1

Ch. Roycroft Liatris at Banner     Roycroft Liatris at Banner hd 1   Roycroft Liatris at Banner standing 1

CKCSC Ch. Roycroft Its All About Me 'Molly'     Roycroft Its All About Me hd 1   Roycroft Its All About me standing 1    

Ch. Heartsong Make Believe 'Puppygirl'     Heartsong Make Believe standing 1    

Ch. Roycroft Nothin Doin 'Dinah'     Roycroft Nothin Doin hd 1   Roycroft Nothin Doin standing 1    

Ch. Roycroft Tip Top     Roycroft Tip Top hd 1   Roycroft Tip Top standing 1  

Ch. Roycroft Hot Topic     Roycroft Hot Topic hd 1   Roycroft Hot Topic standing 1
(sorry no adult pics)

Ch. Roycroft Charlies Angel     Roycroft Charlies Angel hd 1   Roycroft Charlies Angel standing 1

Ch. Roycroft Charlies Sabrina 'Brie'     Roycroft Charlies Sabrina hd 1   Roycroft Charlies Sabrina standing 1

Ch. Roycroft Treasured Moments     Roycroft Treasured Moments hd 1   Roycroft Treasured Moments standing 1

Ch. Roycroft Rock N Roll 'Rocky"     Roycroft Rock N Roll hd   Roycroft Rock N Roll standing


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